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Eco Drum – the safe, environment-friendly fibre drum for dangerous goods

Save 30% on transport costs and 40% on logistics costs using our square, stackable ECO DRUM.

Eco Drum:
safe kraftliner packaging for dangerous goods

ECO DRUM is sturdy, Kraftliner packaging for dangerous goods that combines optimal protection with maximum logistic efficiency. ECO DRUM has been specifically designed for compatibility with EUR and CP3 pallets to help you make optimal use of transport resources. This not only reduces transport costs, it helps conserve the environment. Find out more in our video.


ECO DRUM’s square footprint means that modes of transport can employed more efficiently. Compared with round fibre drums, this lowers transport costs by around a third.


Because it is square and stackable, ECO DRUM optimizes handling and storage, significantly increasing logistic efficiency.


Because ECO DRUM is made entirely of high-quality paper, it can simply be disposed of as waste paper. There is no need for the time-consuming task of separating out materials. Furthermore, the drums can also be folded together to save space.


Both you and your customers will benefit from the advantages offered by our ECO DRUM product. This also multiplies the sustainability effect.

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