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Eco Drum – patented by Densa AG

The square fibre drums are the innovative products of a company that has over a century of experience in manufacturing transport packaging.

DENSA AG – Innovative transport packaging since 1907

DENSA AG has patented its square ECO DRUM fibre drums, which can claim a history dating back to 1907. It was then that Bühler Kühny AG was founded. The company started out producing wooden barrels using mechanised processes, but soon branched out into fibre drums and plastic barrels.

The ECO DRUM was developed as a space-saving way of improving transport efficiency. The stacking drum’s huge process-related advantages soon enabled it to gain a foothold in the market for dangerous goods packaging, and it now enjoys a strong market share.

DENSA AG focuses on packaging for agrochemicals, speciality chemicals, the pharmaceutical industry and the major players in the food sector. However, with its efficient, automated manufacturing process, it is also able to produce smaller batch sizes cost-effectively.

DENSA AG complies with DIN EN ISO 16106 “Transport packages for dangerous goods – Dangerous goods packagings, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and large packagings” and is certified to EN ISO 9001:2015 and SN EN ISO 14001:2015.

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