Eco Drums mit Etikettierung

Labels for displaying logos or advertisements

On request, we can supply your ECO DRUMS with dangerous goods or product specification labels already attached.

Labelling dangerous goods packaging offers a number of benefits to consumers, manufacturers and retailers alike. Packaging labels are an opportunity for you to promote your brand and communicate your message. With an attractive design, a logo, slogans or marketing messages, you can differentiate your product, build customer loyalty and increase awareness of your brand. You can also put warnings about potential hazards or risks on the fibre drum label. Giving warnings and instructions for safe use and specifying age restrictions are key ways to prevent damage and injuries. Labelling builds trust and enables effective communication between manufacturers and consumers. It ensures that your information is visible from the outside and positioned exactly where you want it.

Massangaben für die Ettiketierung
Massangaben für die Ettiketierung, Optionen