Sustainable, ecological and efficient.

  • Very high degree of volume utilisation thanks to customised design that fits existing pallet sizes.
  • Significant increase of logistics efficiency in the areas of transport, handling, manipulation and warehousing.
  • Eco-friendly single material packaging made from recyclable kraftliner and easy to dispose of as waste paper.
  • Sustainable: Not only will you profit from the unique product advantages we offer – your customers and their customers will, too.

ECO DRUMS fit perfectly on normal-sized pallets and enable maximum volume utilisation of close to 100%. The available transport volume is used more effectively and the transport costs decrease.

Compared to round fibre drums, you can increase the radius of a transport shipment with ECO DRUMS without increasing your costs. You can make maximum use of the containers’ volume for overseas shipments in particular.

Efficiency is increased with ECO DRUMS not only during transport but also when handling the goods themselves as more quantity can be handled per manipulation. The square drums provide a large surface area for the next layer and are thus ideal for stacking. Even in the case of high bulk storage areas, safety is guaranteed and the entire storage height can be used.

The cube-shaped form also offers benefits when it comes to the automation of the filling processes. The filling and subsequent handling can be automated for appropriate volumes.

ECO DRUMS are very easy to dispose of because they are made from kraftliner and glue only. Kraftliner is a high-quality long-fibre paper and very much sought after in the paper recovery and recycling sector. Additionally, costly material separation processes are eliminated with the use of a single-material container.

ECO DRUMS are 100% recyclable and thus are authorised to use the RESY recycling symbol. Empty ECO DRUMS can simply be disposed of as waste paper and you will save on the waste disposal fees associated with regular round fibre drums.

The ECO DRUM is a sustainable product in terms of the materials used, its support of efficient logistics processes and its easy disposal as waste paper. The advantages of the ECO DRUM apply to the whole product life cycle and can be passed on to your customers.

When transporting ECO DRUMS, the same product benefits are obtained as during filling and warehousing: efficiency is increased through a more effective use of space. The advantages are thus duplicated and contribute to an increase in sustainability.