Eco Drum S Fibertrommel

Eco Drum S
the space-saving genius

Sustainable dangerous goods packaging for volumes of less than 30 litres.


  • Footprint: 370 × 370 mm (external dimensions)
  • Height: any height between 105 and 250 mm
  • Volume: 14 to 33 litres
  • Material: 7 layers of 300gr/m2 Kraftliner
  • Approved for dangerous solids and pastes in Packaging Groups I, II and III (Hazard Class X)
  • The lid requires additional sealing with adhesive tape
  • The approval includes the use of a 100 my foil liner
  • Design type approval UN 4206119
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Accessories and options

  • 100 my LDPE internal liners are available in a range of sizes
  • Available with labelling already attached
  • Adhesive tape sealing possible (fully automated sealing machine)

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Eco Drum S Fibertrommel
Eco Clip
snap closure & handle
for logo or advertising
Internal liners
for solid and pasty goods